America Recycles Day — Tattling on Those Who Don’t

Happy America Recycles Day

If you are reading this you probably already recycle willingly. But maybe you know someone who doesn’t. I recycle, my family recycles, my business recycles. We are recycling our construction waste on our home building project.

Just this week, my local gym World Gym South County, finally put out recycling containers – this is after a year of putting notes in the suggestion box about the accumulation of plastic water bottles in the trash there. This is absolutely my Do Good Deed for this week!

Here’s who I am ratting on:

Brewed Awakenings: I love this coffee shop and recycle my #2 plastic cups when I don’t bring my own. But they have no recycling containers for customers, and by the looks things around there are none for the business either. 

Narragansett Elementary: My daughter goes to school here. I am amazed at two things. (1) The shear volume of paper she comes home with for me – notes, sign up forms, newsletters, slips of paper for announcements. Cutting this out alone would save money, energy, resources and trees. They have a website. How about getting a parent email list (we gave you our email at the beginning of the year); and have a parnets’ section for daily news. Or email me. I hardly need a full sheet of paper reminding me that Thanksgiving is coming.  (2) They have no on site recycling; nothing for paper nothing for plastic bottles. I find this annoying because it doesn’t reinforce what we’re doing at home; it doesn’t enforce the town’s mandatory recycling policy; and it sets a horrible example.

Who do you want to tattle on?

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  1. Our contractors don’t, They’re all going to be in a for a rude awakening, though.

    JMH Follow me!

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