Building Means Unexpected Surprises, Today Abby Falls in a Hole

We went to the house this morning as the cement (30% flyash) was being poured for the garage floor and footings. We had both kids with us, Abby (5) and Max (2), because we were planning on pressing our handprints into the flatwork.

The neighborhood where we are building has town water but does not have town sewer. There is no great answer for this other than it is an association neighborhood and it would require votes and investment to get the lines into the street. I’m all for it, but this is not the most democratic neighborhood association I’ve ever encountered. It will take significant resident changeover for it to occur. In the meantime we have to install a septic system.

Through DEM we achieved a conventional 4-bed ISDS for the house and its final installation was completed yesterday. Since it still has to be inspected by the engineer and the town, the cover to the tank is a place holder only. See where I am going with this…

Abby is running in the big yard and decides in her 5 year old brain that it would be a good idea to jump on the septic tank cover. Not so much. There’s a scream and she disappears. I was the first to reach her and pulled her out. She was hysterical. The way she hit the cover it flipped and she went straight down. She did not get hurt; she did get pretty muddy.

Lesson learned:

  • Make sure the sub contractors make safety and security a priority. It wasn’t, but this could have been bad.
  • Do not jump on flimsy hole coverings.

Here’s a photo of the aftermath and the hole for the memory book.




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  1. […] I mention the cover to this septic tank didn’t fit the riser and was never bolted? (Oh yes, see Abby fell in our Septic Tank.) This is just another example of the pure incompetence and disregard displayed by this company. […]

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