No matter how stinky, old shoes can have new life…

A knock on your door in late autumn generally ends with one of two statements; “Trick-or-treat,” or “Vote for me.” Not thrilled at the notion of stumpers campaigning at my front door while I prepared dinner, I let the knock linger for a minute before letting my four-year old open the door to reveal three kids with large pillowcases. Before I even had the chance to mock them for being a little late on Halloween (it was Nov. 2), one of the whippersnappers announced, “We’re collecting shoes for our middle school, do you have any you can spare?”

It turns out, my alma mater Portsmouth MIddle School has created a Green Team whose sole (no pun intended) mission is to promote environmental responsibility in our community. This latest initiative, in conjunction with Nike’s Worn Out, Play On, sought to collect at least 2,500 pairs of sneakers which they will then send to Nike for use in making new athletic floors. Even with a warning that shoes must be kept outside for air quality purposes, the Green Team was more than happy to take five pairs of beat-up sneaks from my household.

The best part to me is that these students weren’t even raising money for their own cause. With myriad choices of what to do on an autumn evening, they chose to canvass the neighborhood to keep old footwear out of the garbage while helping some less fortunate kid accross the globe have a better place to play. Nike has made some mistakes in the past but this time they couldn’t be more right.

I'm worthy of a second life!

Posted by: Nick (Twitter: @prnick)


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