Is $1.5 billion on a Wind Farm in RI waters our best option for renewable energy?

According to Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri “Wind power is clean, green power that is not subject to variations and increases in fuel price. Rhode Island is uniquely positioned to lead the nation with the development of this country’s first off shore wind farm.”

The state recently named and entered into a 90-day negotiation with Deepwater Wind * to build the estimated $1.5 billion project. The site of the wind farm is unsure, but RI’s southern coast, known for its whipping winds that come off Block Island and Narragansett are targets. RI’s Coastal Resources Management Commission has launched a two-year study to determine what sites would be appropriate for offshore wind farms. With a goal of at least 15 percent of all electricity in the state being renewable energy annually, one must wonder at what cost to our coastline will this come?

I haven’t done enough research or spent enough time at a wind farm (we actually already have one in Portsmouth, so I sense a roadtrip), but as we work on the GreenLife|SmartLife project, and we look at all of our individual renewable energy options, I can’t help but wonder if $1.5 billion dollars were spread across Rhode Islanders to create their own renewable energy solutions, would that be money better spent?

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*Deepwater Wind was established to develop utility-scale offshore wind projects in the northeastern part of the United States. The company’s major investors are First Wind, a major developer of on-shore wind projects in the United States, DE Shaw & Co., a capital investment firm with deep experience in the energy sector, and Ospraie Management, a leading asset management firm with a focus on alternative energy markets. sourced: Renewable Energy World

I highly suggest reading this article from Renewable Energy World and the comments the readers posted.


3 Responses

  1. You wrote:
    “The site of the wind farm is unsure, but Narragansett Bay, known for its whipping winds on the coastal points like Portsmouth and Narragansett are key targets.”

    Where are you getting your information? Narragansett Bay is not and has never been part of the Governor’s proposal or Deepwater’s plans. Go back and read the news stories.

  2. Actually I have read a lot about this, and I corrected my Narragansett Bay statement since it was an over generalization of an area I think of as the Bay, as a local I am of the sometimes narrow mind-set that the whole area is ours.

  3. I think wind power IS our best option for renewable energy, but actually, I think everyone should consider at-home wind turbines
    to exponentially increase savings on energy needs.

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