LEED loopholes

So I’m surfing the “Internet’s” and I decided to Google “easy LEED points”. What I find is an article from Slate on the giant loopholes in the LEED Certification process. Granted, it’s an article about loopholes in the certification process in relationship to commercial projects and it’s a year old, but some of the loopholes pointed out are a little suprising. Apparently in a commercial project you get the same amount of points for a $395 bike rack as you get for a 1.3 million dollar “environmentally sensitive” heating system. Wha?

Honestly, I don’t really know what else to say about this other than we’re still going for LEED certification but I have a much different perspective on it now. I’m beginning to look at it from the stand point of what’s the minimum amount I have to do to achieve certification, versus how much can I do to be as green as I possibly can. What’s more important and at what cost? I guess that still remains to be determined. Stay tuned for more of our saga. Will we make Silver? Gold? Will we qualify for anything? After all of this effort I certainly hope so.

Posted by: JMH


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