What can Brown do for you?

I know you’ve all heard the commercials – now the shipping giant is adding to the list. In addition to getting your packages to their destination safely, on time and with minimal hassle to you, UPS is taking steps to help the environment.

I was very excited to read this article from CNN yesterday. UPS in conjunction with the EPA, announced a joint venture to get you your packages in a environmentally conscious manner. UPS has ordered a handful of hybrid delivery trucks. The trucks combine a diesel engine with a unique hydraulic propulsion system that replaces the conventional drivetrain and transmission. Using hydraulic pumps and storage tanks, the vehicle captures and stores energy the way a battery does on an electric car.

The design is made to specifically reduce emissions during braking – which comes in very handy when your daily route can have over 100 stops. This new truck will consume 40-50% less gas then the big brown trucks on the road today.

The initial order from UPS is for 7 trucks, but the hope is to have 2,100 alternative-fuel vehicles that run on electricity, compressed natural gas or other forms of energy by next year.

So next time your TV asks you, “What can Brown do for you?”, you have your answer.

Posted by: Lauren


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