Toshiba Offers Cash or Free Recycling of Electronics

This is the coolest thing I’ve come across in a day riddled with disappointment and frustration.

Last week at the CEA Forum (see this post), there were extensive discussions about green electronics and recycling. Best Buy touted their Beta program but with the caveat that they have to figure out how to make money at it too. A colleague shared this with me today. The Toshiba Free Electronic Program allows consumers to recycle their old electronics regardless of the brand and at no cost.

They also provide a trade in option to trade in your used products for cash. I tried my Canon DC 220 camcorder. I noted it was in good condition, still had the box, the manual, the AC adapter and no memory card and it was still worth $105. I thought that was so cool. It’s faster than eBay, more money than a Tag Sale and it was wicked easy.

Get Started

I was impressed with the range of products they would recycle or give you cash for. They ranged from receivers and cell phones to PC and gaming devices. The only thing I didn’t see on the list was speakers or TVs; both of which can be very large, hence very heavy.

At least someone out theere is pyaing attention. I like their motto, “caring for the earth has never been so easy.” Yup, I’d have to agree.

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