Green Technology…an Oxymoron?

I have spent the past year and a half working with CE manufacturers who are making their products environmentally conscious. Much like every new initiative, we have been met with mixed reviews…being embraced by the CE industry – “AH! Finally companies are taking responsibility for the major footprint technology leaves in its wake”. We were shunned by the extreme environmentalists – “this product is not green”. So I ask you, where is the common ground?

Through much research and debating, I have found that there really is one. Truth: technology accounts for a large portion of a home’s energy consumption. Just look at that big TV in your living room that puts out just as much energy when it is in “standby” as it does when it is in use. Computers are notorious for being a drain on recourses. But in the past several years, prominently in the past 12 months, CE manufacturers are starting to step up to the plate and provide products that are energy conscious. They are not green, but they are not energy suck monsters they once were; they have reached a middle ground where they aren’t necessarily helping by eliminating their energy usage, but are no longer using enough to power a small car. Slowly but surely, more and more manufacturers are thinking of the ENERGY STAR rating as a must-have, no longer a value proposition.

Until regulations are passed to require all manufacturers to meet a specific standard, this debate will rage on and on. While consumer electronics are most likely never going to make your energy costs go down, know that there are options that will not cause your bills to go through the roof.



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