Blue Replacing Green?

An article written in the November ’08 issue of Inc. Magazine provides a run-down of 11 entrepreneurs who are leading the R&D efforts aimed at reforming the way humans use, decontaminate and recycle the earth’s most abundant yet endangered natural resource.

While the piece has not be published online as of this posting, the article (written by Adam BLUEstein coincidentally) identified three overarching problems that need addressing:

  • Getting fresh water where there isn’t any
  • Waterborne bacteria leading to widespread disease
  • Billions of gallons of clean water are flushed down the drain every day

Below are a list of the companies profiled. Some are ambitious start-ups while others have implemented solutions that are serving mother earth as we speak.

WaterSaver Technologies – AQUS System captures water from the bathroom sink and filters and disinfects it to provide reused water for toilet flushing.

Water Standard – Uses a Seawater Desalination Vessel (SDV) with proven reverse osmosis (RO) technology,  to offer a reliable and environmentally responsible freshwater alternative.

NanoH2O – Leverages the benefits of nanotechnology to create advanced membrane materials for desalinization and water reuse.

SolarPedalFlo – A rural water supply system that is capable of delivering a continuous source of potable water in remote communities without electricity.

MIOX – Uses new technology to capitalizes on the century-old practice of using salt electrolysis to generate chlorine disinfectant for clean water.

HaloSource – Large company that manufacturers antimicrobial and clean-technology water purifcation solutions globally.

PAX Water Technologies – Uses a mixer system to help water maintain its disinfectant residual which can be lost if water is allowed to sit and become stagnant.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies – Manufactures waterfree urinals.

WeatherTRAK – System that uses data retrieved from NOAA to predict weather conditions and adjust sprinkler and watering schedules accordingly.

AbTech Industries – Smart Sponge technology offers cost-effective system for removing hydrocarbons and destorying bacteria in stormwater runoff.

Microvi Biotech – Developing a technology that uses natural microorganisms to feed off particular pollutants in a water supply with minimal secondary waste.

Posted by: Nick


2 Responses

  1. We will succeed in establishing a clean water supply for everyone… the challenges are daunting but we humans are a crafty people.

    I do some work with the American Chemistry Council and I’ve learned some surprising things lately.

    Just one hundred years ago, even here in the U.S. we didn’t have a handle on clean water. Waterborne disease epidemics were just a part of life…

    Then cities started chlorinating their water supplies. Bye-bye, typhoid. Safe water has been a part of life here in the U.S. for a hundred years now.

  2. Thanks Dan. Please feel free to share any research or ideas you come across. It seems almost daily we get new information in front of us. Knowing what will succeed and what to beleive is sometimes a challenge in and of itself. Thanks, Kim

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