CEA Industry Forum to Address Greening for Business Today

The description of the CEA Industry Forum’s Greening for Business Course today is this: “Green is global these days, and there are unparalleled opportunities right now for the consumer electronics industry. While some larger companies have adopted and continue to engage in green business practices, many more companies are in need of information, tools, and strategies on how to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. In this session, experts will discuss best practices and success stories of similar companies in size and volume, which have excelled at greening their own operations and products and how they’ve sold their successful message back to their consumers.”

I’m looking for the following takeaways:

1. Which companies have in fact excelled in establishing best practices? There are very, very few that I have found. The group gets even tinier in the CE industry.

2. How are they selling it back? The internet is overloaded with companies that “greenwash“. They pretend to be green but aren’t even close. It’s like buying organic tomatoes from CA, consumers think they’re green because they are organic. But in reality the fuel and transportation costs, along with CO2 emissions in the shipping process, create a much larger carbon footprint than if you bought native at the local farmstand. Or better yet, had grown your own. If consumers don’t undertsand green, then how can a business be successful reaching them?

3. Success stories are few and far between, but I am looking forward to hearing about these because we want to adopt these models.

The CEA also put out this document on Environmental Sustainability and Innovation in the Consumer Electronics Industry. Check it out.

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