Page 1 of 114 – Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

So Kim emails me a link to a pdf doc entitled “LEED For Homes Ratings System“. I apparently misunderstood the nature of what this document was as I thought it was an application to get the LEED certification process started. Boy was I wrong. I opened the doc and staring at me was “1 of 114”. Wow – really? I’ll be very honest here; after about 10 pages I just became entirely overwhelmed and stopped reading. Don’t get me wrong – the document is a veritable treasure trove of information on sustainable building practices as well as how to get the most LEED points. I’ll eventually get through it, but 114 pages? Looking at their document I’m reminded of countless numbers of consumer electronics products that are supposed to simplify your life whose manuals are thicker than my local phone book.

Reading my wife’s latest blog I’m also reminded of the recent Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD format war. Right now LEED and NAHB are fighting to be THE lone “governing body” in certifying green build projects. Much like HD-DVD did, LEED has a better name and more brand name recognition. Now I don’t know all of the intracacies behind why Blu-Ray succeeded and why HD-DVD failed, but I do know that in the end, Blu-Ray was able to garner more support from the Hollywood studios because their format was easier to work with and they were, in general, more accommodating. (I also think it was simply Sony’s turn after losing to the inferior VHS format so many years ago, but I digress.) I would have to believe that of these two entities, LEED and NAHB, that whichever proves itself to be easier to work with and more acommodating not only to home owners, but to builders as well; AND whichever one doesn’t needlessly compound the already stressful process of building will win over the hearts and minds of the builders and the buildees.

It is very important to my family that we build the “greenest”/most sustanable house we possibly can. Not only do I think it’s the right thing to do for the environment; I think it sets a good example for our neighbors, children and future generations. Having said that, I’m not looking to add extra stress to my life. I would suspect that the rest of of the general public out there looking to build a home in the near future isn’t looking to add extraneous processes that add time, money and stress to a process that should be joyful.

So, tonight I’m a little stressed wondering how we’re going to get it all done. One of my worst fears is that we get to the end, tally everything up and despite our best efforts we don’t qualify for anything. There’s no “merit badge” in green building. You’re either green or your not.

Add on top of everything the fact that the Red Sox lost Game 7 tonight. I hate being the one who has to say “There’s always next year…”

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  1. What a great post! I always hear about the complexity of LEED certification but your post actually illustrated this point.

    Great job, keep it up!


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