Why do some people think the world is their dumpster?

I simply do not understand why some people feel that it is ok to throw trash wherever they stand.  Smokers are hands down the worst culprits.  I mean – a cigarette butt is small so it doesn’t count as trash when you flick it on the sidewalk or when you toss it out the window on the highway and it bounces off the hood of my car.  Right?  Construction workers have the same mentality. 

When I arrived at the job site today I was saddened to see the amount of trash that had accumulated in just two short days.  Plastic cups (ugh) and soda cans were inside our freshly poured foundation walls.  While my husband stood talking to the foundation contractor (who was inhaling Tic Tacs which he promptly emptied) mid-sentence he take that little plastic container and heaves it into our foundation.  Seriously!

Appalled.  That is all I can say.  I was appalled.

We’re building green.  We’re trying to make a difference.  You think we’re a dump site.

We explained our project.  We explained our position.  All trash that comes onsite is to be sorted and recyled or carried out.  You will be penalized (a paragraph we are now adding to all sub contractor contracts moving forward) if we find trash on the site or material wasted or even items not properly recycled in the provided dumpsters and bins. 

Our point was heard loud and clear.  All trash was collected and recycled.

Score 1 for the earth.

posted by: KDL / newscaster


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