Transitioning to a Healthy Home

As the mom of 2 I have been buying organic and native food, and some goods for the past 6 years. But I’ve done it in small pieces of our life. Over the past year, the volume of research about chemicals and their impact on children has driven me to transition more and more of our food to organic and products we use to healthier choices . As part of the GLSL project, I’ve decided to include products, resources and other items that are a part of healthy, sustainable living, to help families find items that suit their life. My current favorite product is the Mrs. Meyer’s line of home cleaning products. I truly love the way they smell; and I feel really good (could be the therapeutic oils) about wiping down counters, cabinets and even the toilet with a product that my children touch with the hands that are all over their face, mouth and food on a moment by moment basis. Every little bit helps and one of my goals is to give my kids the shot at being less impacted by chemicals. This is one of the areas we’ve fully transitioned.  Let me know about products you love that help make your family healthy.

Posted by: KDL


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