Day 1: Green Excavation

Today marks the end of Day 1 of the Green Life | Smart Life project ground break. It seems a little crazy that this day has been over two years of planning, designing, sketching, researching, re designing, re planning and so on.  We had a couple of snags. We lost one tree that we were hoping we were going to nurture back to health but its interference with the electrical lines, entanglement of vines and decaying branches forced us to cut it back. We’re going to use it for mulching our trees at another property to help the roots through an expected cold RI winter and some friends are taking some of the bigger pieces of wood. I had to bring my kids to the project with me today. I had to meet the landscape architect, John Carter (who just finished the landscape design for the only LEED certified house in RI) to run through the height for the top of foundation. We were just finishing up today (and again really today is the end of the first day) and John and I round one of the dirt mounds and my 5 year old daughter pops out from behind the tree to proclaim there was a really large poop on the lawn. As a mom, my quick answer was to stay away and we’d clean it up when she started apologizing that she had to go so bad and couldn’t hold it. I wanted to die. I was mortified. John quickly said he’d see me at the lot on Tuesday as I scooted my child into the car, grabbed a bag and scooped up her deposit. And all I could think was, it’s the first day, this is so NOT green!

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